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Donald Trump Was Right!

There was a great deal of controversy yesterday generated by Mr. Trump after his first press-conference since inauguration.The White House

I managed to watch pieces of the event live, as it preempted the normal business news and stock market events on CNBC.

While the nearly 77 minute discourse likely evoked a number of feelings from both supporters and non-supporters of Mr. Trump, there was one comment I agree with 110% and that is, “The stock market has hit record numbers…”

The fact is, the stock market has hit a number of new all-time highs since the election.

Let me be frank, there are a number of factors that influence stock prices but the number one reason for the stock price of any company to rise is an increase in its’ earnings.

The fact is, just over 80% of the companies in the S&P 500 have now reported their Q4 2016 results with 66% of them beating their Earnings Per Share estimates and 53% beating their sales estimate.

Is there a correlation?  I believe so… but the fact is Donald Trump was right, the stock market has hit record numbers.

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Have a Great weekend and President’s day off (I hope)!  I am leaving early today. Yeah!!!

– Darryl

PS. If you want to watch the full interview or read the full transcript courtesy of the New York Times, click here.